Being RIB a restaurant that excels in taste and sophistication, this journey of cocktails, for the lucky ones and for those who want to join this adventure to discover other stories and cultures ... it is not just a journey, but a tour around the world in liquid state. This is a delightful and refreshing trip around the stories and cultures of 13 different countries from all over the world. This journey was born through the trips and stories of the whole team of the RIB bar and the experiences shared by the customers that daily fill our hearts. The drink list consists of 13 cocktails that connect us to the gastronomy and culture of each country, with the signature of our mixologist Tiago Moreira.

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Starting in Porto, right here and right now, you'll have the opportunity to taste the most exciting flavours of all time. Prepare the palate and prepare to travel... the whole world is served.


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