The hottest, coolest, hippest food, drink and wine social hub in Porto.


RIB Beef & Wine Porto

by Chef Rui Martins  


The hottest, coolest, hippest food, drink and wine social hub in Porto.

A true Beef Restaurant specializing in the freshest and tenderest marbled beef cuts, led by one of Portugal’s leading chefs, Rui Martins, an aficionado and connoisseur of the world of beef. Features a Mixology Bar and DJ Hub, with one of the most creative mixologists in Town. The over-100 references wine cellar offers a carefully selected portfolio of wines, some of them rare.


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+351 966 273 822

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Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel & World Heritage Site
Praça da Ribeira nº 1, Porto

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Monday to Sunday
12h30 › 15h30


Friday and Saturday
19h00 › 23h00
Sunday to Thursday
19h00 › 22h30


Friday and Saturday
19h00 › 02h00
Sunday to Thursday
19h00 › 00h00

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Private room for groups

RIB is pleased to offer a private room available for smaller groups with capacity for 18 people, allowing 3 different gastronomic experiences.

For more information please contact:

+351 966 273 822 or




A need to do, live and see it happening.

With a lively, attentive look, a sonorous laughter and a restless posture, of who is always ready for the action, and very hardly it is silent, quiet in its corner. Even when you want to go unnoticed, emanates an energy so strong that it is always noticed.

The detail is essential to understand your personality, as it manifests itself in everything in your life. A strong spirit, always feeling that life is meant to be lived intensely, roll up your sleeves, "putting your hands in the dough" without the fear of getting dirty. And at work, if a seemingly unavoidable obstacle arises, it is also the one who, with fervent passion, lays his hands on the work to solve the situation.

Active and instinctive temperament.

I am excited about adversity; little afraid of the risks or the obstacles that could hold my way. Emotive, anxious and extroverted, which translates into a constant need for action and impatience, aspects that are compensated by a positive attitude towards life. It continues to work hard on an objective to evolve, grow and try to do more and better.

My cuisine is inspired in different regions of our country and in trips that I make, in the use of diverse techniques. It is a cuisine of contrasts, of various influences with a rather defined course to achieve my goal of "cooking to be happy". It is a kitchen influenced by all my experiences. I can call my kitchen a “strong flavor”, with its own character and very generated from the various products that I use.

One of the great concerns of a cook resides in the "signature" that he intends to leave, that is, to find his way, a style of cooking that distinguishes him from the others. To think… I think every day of cooking, of evolving, of being better tomorrow than I was today. Innovating for me is doing differently than I did. Attitude, work, rigor and perseverance.

The training has to be constant, who does not seek... hardly finds.


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If you like our meat and drinks you will love to stay with us. 

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